CPgallery exhibits modern and contemporary art. CPgallery develops tailored art concepts in alignment with the dynamic forces of individual companies or corporations.

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Our goal is the harmonious integration of art into the everyday work place. The creation of an unique identity is important for every company!
Working together with international artists we develop taylor-made works of art. Artistic promotion of your company's public image increases internal (employees) and external (customers) acceptance of your firm. We are looking for an open dialog between the art studios and companies. Art supports communication and releases creative potential.



Christa Probst

Gallery owner Christa Probst

Success has always been adorn by art - the expression of individual taste and the manifestation of the company's philosophy. In former times the role of the benefactor was filled by emperors and kings, today it is companies and corporations who sponsor art thus influencing the style of their times. 

Art promotes the creativity of your employees and of your compnay. In addition art is tax deductible.

Extensive experience in handling international enterprises demonstrates to the gallery owner and artist, Christa Probst, that little attention is paid to the art in the work place. Through individually created art, recognition and acceptance of the company is increased as well as the motivation of the employees. The presence of art offers a creative working environment.

Art is created according to the individual character of the company. The uniqueness of the design of a premises and the intention of the company are taken into consideration. All of these factors combined aid Christa Probst in developing individual and unique works of art for her clients.

The connection of private life, business life and art is an important aspect in the life and work of Christa Probst. Art positively influences the employees, guests, clients and the decor of the room.

 The creative and vital stimulation through art should not be neglected by the realm of business. It is little wonder that Christa Probst founded the CPgallery for art + concept, where she ties together all of these elements and creates a medium in which companies have the possibility to work with her to create, design and perform art.


Chinese Library

Black Picture From Chinese Library


Chinese Library, 1998
Acrylic, ink, paper, wood, chairs

Black Picture from Chinese Library, 1998
(only partial shown)
Acrylic, ink, paper, wood, chairs,
185x220 cm / 72,8x86,6 inches

Romeo + Juliet

The "Good House Spirit" of the Gallery - a concept known in Chinese culture - is an erratic block of colored marble from Verona. The rock is seen by the artist as the representation of the power of nature. This power and much more were buried deep within the soul of the rock for over 50 million years. The observer will always be attracted to the magical charisma of the erratic block. The surface is angular and yet has been rounded by water, the spectrum of colors (from altrose to slate gray) tells legends. The observer experiences his personal history in the absorption in the rock. Erratic blocks of rock are prominent landmarks found throughout landscapes, manifestations of holy scenes, gathering places or thinking places.
"Romeo + Juliet" metamorphisizes rooms into places of meditation and nature. It provokes peace, power, creative impulse and many fairy tale thoughts.



Romeo and Juliet, Colored marble
Age: more than 50 million years
1,5 tons, 170x165x45 cm / 66,9x65x17,72 inches


Chinese Wall

Tree of life